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Recently released information

View our responses to freedom of information (FOI) requests.

FOI reference Date Regarding  
FOI-4083 5 September 2019 External audit for the financial year 2019-2020 View
FOI-4030 16 August 2019 Number of devices lost by TPR staff View
FOI-4013 13 August 2019 Communications sent to the USS since 2017 View
7 August 2019  Number of transfers out of DB schemes in 2018-19
FOI-4045 7 August 2019  Request relating to the number of company directors under investigation View 
FOI-3957 6 August 2019 Administrators at 31 Memorial Road
FOI-4008 2 August 2019 Unpaid Contributions Notice Query  View
FOI-3987 22 July 2019 Query relating to the Select Committee View
FOI-3964 18 July 2019  Request for information related to section 72 of the Pensions Act 2004  View
FOI-3966 17 July 2019 Enforcement action over the last five years View
FOI-4005  10 July 2019  DC single employer trust arrangements View
FOI-3957  2 July 2019  Schemes with a specified address registered with TPR View
FOI-3904  2 July 2019  Number of independent trustees appointed by TPR in the past five years  View
FOI-3899  3 June 2019 Automatic enrolment opt out rates View 
FOI-3882 17 May 2019  Request for data related to pension scams
FOI-3879 9 May 2019 Options provided to BSPS members View
FOI-3792  18 April 2019
Request regarding staff numbers and premises View 
FOI-3764 11 April 2019  Value of penalty notices issued between 2014 and 2019 View
FOI-3763  10 April 2019 Whistleblowing reports over the past five years View
3 April 2019  Complaints relating to enforcement communications View
FOI-3731 26 March 2019 Information relating to the Bryson Charitable Group View
FOI-3709  12 March 2019 Serpentine Trust pension contributions View
FOI-3613 22 February 2019 Query relating to master trust emails View
20 February 2019
Enquiry about TPR IT and telecoms procurement decision-makers
FOI-3599 19 February 2019 Details of G-Cloud purchases View
FOI-3666  17 February 2019 Data on employers not registered or paying into workplace pensions
FOI-3650 12 February 2019  Request relating to IT network and users  View 
FOI-3583  6 February 2019
Request for information relating to SIC codes  View 
FOI-3621  4 February 2019 Details relating to pension schemes that have become insolvent View 
FOI-3574  16 January 2019
Number of DC transfers  View
FOI-3570  15 January 2019  List of DC pension providers  View 
FOI-3538  15 January 2019  Further information on off-payroll working rules  View 
FOI-3540 9 January 2019 Request relating to DB to DC transfers in 2018  View 

8 January 2019

Information related to footballers' schemes View 
FOI-3481 7 January 2019 Details of people who have been convicted under section 72 View
FOI-3481 18 December 2018  Number of letters sent to trustees to send to members who requested a transfer  View 
FOI-3515 18 December 2018 Request for information related to dividend payments View 
FOI-3501 12 December 2018 Off-payroll working rules View 
FOI-3453 10 December 2018  TPR pay award 2018-19  View 
FOI-3512 7 December 2018 Request for list of DB schemes View
FOI-3540 4 December 2018 Correspondence with Dalriada Trustees View
FOI-3422  29 November 2018  Further information on penalty notices revoked by TPR View 
FOI-3452 27 November 2018 Information relating to self-employed workers  View
FOI-3462  19 November 2018  Proportion of DB schemes contracted out of SERPS
FOI-3463 19 November 2018 Request for information on SAP  View 
FOI-3401 14 November 2018 Number of legal disputes with other government departments View
FOI-3402  26 October 2018  Information on penalty notices revoked by TPR  View 
FOI 2018-10-25 25 October 2018 Information relating to IT software estate View 
FOI-3295 2 October 2018 Costs related to HR activities View
FOI-3284 6 September 2018 Letter to pension schemes View
FOI 2018-09-03 3 September 2018 Scheme decumulation investment strategies View
FOI 2018-08-29 29 August 2018 Value of penalty notices issued between 2013 and 2018 View
FOI 2018-08-21(b) 21 August 2018 Notifiable events data between 2013 and 2018 View
FOI 2018-08-21(a) 21 August 2018 Mobile and fixed line telephony information View
FOI 2018-08-15(b) 15 August 2018 Details of TPR's spending on ICT View
FOI 2018-08-15(a) 15 August 2018 Details of TPR's anti-avoidance investigations 2018 View
FOI 2018-08-10(b) 10 August 2018 Number of schemes using third party administrators View
FOI 2018-08-10(a) 10 August 2018 Details of HR investigations into inappropriate behaviour View
FOI 2018-08-07 7 August 2018 TPR procurement policy on use of government IT frameworks View
FOI 2018-07-26 26 July 2018 Number of trustees TPR has written to regarding DB transfer activity View
FOI 2018-07-03 3 July 2018 Reports received of employers encouraging employees to opt out View
FOI 2018-07-02 2 July 2018 Financial accounting software information View
FOI 2018-06-22 22 June 2018 Details of any computer errors recorded for the period 2017-18 View
FOI 2018-06-19 19 June 2018 Costs relating to the Box Clever case View
FOI 2018-05-18(b) 18 May 2018 List of all UK corporate and public pension schemes View
FOI 2018-05-18(a) 18 May 2018 Details of print purchasing and related activity View
FOI 2018-05-15 15 May 2018 Information on discussions between TPR and FCA View
FOI 2018-05-09(b) 9 May 2018 Number of transfers out of DB schemes in 2017-18 View
FOI 2018-05-09(a) 9 May 2018 Number of transfers out of DB schemes since April 2015 View
FOI 2018-05-08 8 May 2018 Correspondence between TPR and Carillion PLC and scheme trustees View
FOI 2018-05-01 1 May 2018 Plumbing Pensions UK Limited View
FOI 2018-04-12(b) 12 April 2018 Melrose proposed takeover of GKN View
FOI 2018-04-12(a) 12 April 2018 Data on SSAS and external administrators View
FOI 2018-04-10 10 April 2018 Number of people who transferred out of their DB schemes 2017-18 View
FOI 2018-04-05 5 April 2018 Proof that BT Pension Scheme is regulated by TPR View
FOI 2018-04-05(b) 5 April 2018 Details of courier service contracts View
FOI 2018-04-05(a) 5 April 2018 Details of correspondence between TPR and Carillion in 2017 View
FOI 2018-03-19 19 March 2018 Enforcement activity on employers with a registered address in Scotland View
FOI 2018-03-16(b) 16 March 2018 Details of schemes TPR engaged with before formal valuation View
FOI 2018-03-16(a) 16 March 2018 Breakdown of the hardware support contracts View
FOI 2018-03-07 7 March 2018 Details of meetings with Carillion View
FOI 2018-03-05 5 March 2018 Social media guidance for staff View
FOI 2018-02-19(b) 19 February 2018 Spending on social media View
FOI 2018-02-19(a) 19 February 2018 Size of dividend payments made by Carillion View
FOI 2018-02-16(b) 16 February 2018 Appointment of trustee for Quantum Global Pension Schemes View
FOI 2018-02-16(a) 16 February 2018 Energy and water suppliers View
FOI 2018-01-31 31 January 2018 Automatic enrolment non-compliance View
FOI 2017-12-12 12 December 2017 Uniway Systems Retirement Benefit Scheme View
FOI 2017-11-28 28 November 2017 Section 179 liabilities in Tranche 10 View
FOI 2017-11-22 22 November 2017 Communications sent to the USS since 2014 View
FOI 2017-11-21 21 November 2017 Names of schemes issued with section 72 notices View
FOI 2017-11-17 17 November 2017 Total amount of penalties issued by TPR View
FOI 2017-11-14 14 November 2017 TPR and external communications services View
FOI 2017-10-31 31 October 2017 Video conferencing technology View
FOI 2017-10-30 30 October 2017 IT recycling service View
FOI 2017-10-18 18 October 2017 Number of members transferred out of DB schemes last year View
FOI 2017-10-05(b) 5 October 2017 TPR staff recruitment and contractual arrangements View
FOI 2017-10-05(a) 5 October 2017 TPR's use of section 72 powers View
FOI 2017-10-03 3 October 2017 Number of companies and individuals fined for non-compliance View
FOI 2017-09-29 29 September 2017 Information regarding pension scheme number 3574620 View
FOI 2017-09-25 25 September 2017 Percentage of staff who received a bonus 2016-17 View
FOI 2017-09-19 19 September 2017 Data relating to subject access requests View
FOI 2017-09-05 5 September 2017 Suppliers who applied for inclusion on framework contract View
FOI 2017-08-30 30 August 2017 Data on size and value of SIPP market View
FOI 2017-08-18 18 August 2017 Number of employees who received a bonus 2016-17 View
FOI 2017-07-28 28 July 2017 Correspondence between TPR and Plumbing Pensions UK Ltd View
FOI 2017-07-26 26 July 2017 Data on transfers from DB to DC schemes View
FOI 2017-07-12 12 July 2017 TPR response to DWP and HMRC pension scams consultation View
FOI 2017-07-11 11 July 2017 Percentage of UK businesses complying with automatic enrolment View
FOI 2017-07-06 6 July 2017 Number of RAA applications and approvals View
FOI 2017-07-05 5 July 2017 RAA approval list View
FOI 2017-06-27 27 June 2017 TPR staff recruitment and contractual arrangements View
FOI 2017-06-16 16 June 2017 Number of transfers out of DB schemes View
FOI 2017-06-08 8 June 2017 Details of cyber attacks on TPR View
FOI 2017-05-22 22 May 2017 Number of people who transferred out of their DB schemes last year View
FOI 2017-05-16 16 May 2017 Master trusts operating in the DC industry View
FOI 2017-05-05 5 May 2017 TPR and bespoke software systems View
FOI 2017-05-04 4 May 2017 Details of IT applications run by TPR View
FOI 2017-04-20 20 April 2017 List of registered UK pension schemes View
FOI 2017-03-29 29 March 2017 Which countries have approached TPR for advice on establishling automatic enrolment? View
FOI 2017-03-14 14 March 2017 Impact of Brexit on TPR's IT systems View
FOI 2017-03-08 8 March 2017 Has TPR sought advice on how to prevent companies from engaging in asset striping activities? View
FOI 2017-03-03(b) 3 March 2017 TPR and government procurement cards View
FOI 2017-03-03(a) 3 March 2017 Percentage of people who do not take up their pensions View
FOI 2017-02-08 8 February 2017 Estimate of costs from the Silentnight case View
FOI 2017-01-31 31 January 2017 Number of master trusts that have pension clients View
FOI 2017-01-27 27 January 2017 HMRC documentation on the agreement of schemes View
FOI 2017-01-25 25 January 2017 Details of TPR's anti-avoidance investigations View
FOI 2017-01-07 7 January 2017 TPR event at the Amex Community Stadium View


The Freedom of Information Act allows 20 days to process requests for information. To allow for this, any information released in response to requests from a given month will be published on the disclosure log at the end of the following month.

Older FOI responses

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