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Contributions and funding

You need to pay the correct contributions on time to your staff pension scheme. If you don’t, you risk being fined by the regulator.

Reporting duties

Employers and trustees have statutory duties to provide certain information to the regulator about their pension scheme.

DB scheme funding and costs

Includes information on ensuring your DB scheme is appropriately funded, the employer covenant, and comparing costs.

Retirement options for DC members

Your staff may ask you for advice when making important choices about their retirement.

Reviewing a scheme

You should review any existing pension scheme to ensure that it satisfies the automatic enrolment rules, if you wish to use it for that purpose, or to check that it remains compliant following any change in pension scheme related law.

Communicating with your scheme members

How to communicate with your pension scheme members and staff about the pension scheme including their retirement options, investment choices, contributions, costs and charges.

Stakeholder pensions

With the introduction of automatic enrolment duties for employers, you no longer need to provide access to a stakeholder pension scheme for your staff.

Closing your scheme

Information for employers on closing a pension scheme to new members or future accruals, and winding up a scheme.