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If your client has staff to automatically enrol they will need a pension scheme. They will need to either set up a new scheme or check their existing scheme meets certain criteria.

Finding a new scheme

Your client will need to find a scheme that is suitable for them and their staff. Issues to consider include cost, whether it works with their payroll and tax implications for staff.

It’s advisable that your client allows plenty of time to make their choice. They may ask you to help them. Find more information on what to consider when choosing a scheme.

There are a number of different types of pension schemes available and different types of providers offering these schemes. The type of scheme most likely to be available to your client is a scheme run by a large, specialist provider that is designed to be used by many different employers. For information on ways to find a pension scheme, go to find a new scheme for your client.

You can provide investment advice to employers choosing a pension scheme, but you need to be authorised to provide advice to individuals. If you are concerned about what level of support and guidance you can give, go to your role in helping a client to choose a scheme or watch the short animation.

Checking an existing scheme

If a client wants to use an existing pension scheme for automatic enrolment it will need to meet certain criteria. This could involve changing the scheme rules or terms and conditions.

Check with those running your client’s pension scheme to see whether they can use it for automatic enrolment. Alternatively, for more information about the criteria that schemes need to meet, go to what to consider when choosing a scheme. If your client can't use their scheme, they'll need to choose a new one that meets the requirements for automatic enrolment.

What letters are sent to my clients from TPR?

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) sends out regular letters and emails to employers to support them with their automatic enrolment duties. You may find it useful to familiarise yourself with these, to help your clients understand what to do and by when.

These letters form a series of communications which will be sent to your clients during the automatic enrolment process, helping them to understand their duties and guiding them through what to do next.

Advanced guidance

This resource may help if you have more detailed questions on the above:

Go to '7. Assessing and enrolling staff'

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