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What we do

We are responsible for:

  • making sure employers put their staff into a pension scheme and pay money into it (known as ‘automatic enrolment’)
  • protecting people’s savings in workplace pensions
  • improving the way that workplace pension schemes are run
  • reducing the risk of pension schemes ending up in the Pension Protection Fund (PPF)
  • making sure employers balance the needs of their defined benefit pension scheme with growing their business


Our priorities for 2017 to 2020 are:

  1. Successfully finish rolling out the remaining stages of automatic enrolment.
  2. Intervene more often and quicker where defined benefit schemes are underfunded or avoidance is suspected.
  3. Protect consumers by effectively regulating master trusts (a type of scheme used by different employers).
  4. Drive up standards of record-keeping and data maintenance.
  5. Be clearer about what employers and people running schemes need to do.
  6. Drive up standards of trusteeship across all schemes, particularly for chairs and professional trustees.
  7. Develop and implement our enhanced approach to regulation to make us a more effective and efficient regulator.
  8. Create high performing teams across TPR with the skills and capabilities to deliver our priorities.

You can find out more about these priorities in our corporate plan.

To deliver our priorities we will educate, enable and enforce when we need to. Read more about our approach to regulating.

Who we are

We are a public body sponsored by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). We’re based in Brighton and have around 500 staff.

We work closely with the Financial Conduct Authority who regulate personal pension schemes. We also work closely with other public bodies including:

Our board members oversee what we do and make sure that TPR is well run.

Vision and values

Our vision is to be a strong, agile, fair and efficient regulator. Through this we seek to gain the respect of employers, trustees and other stakeholders.

Together with our partners, we will drive up standards of trusteeship and improve savers’ understanding of their situation to create better outcomes in their later life.

We are committed to making TPR a great place to work and doing all we can to support our people to reach their full potential.

We believe certain values are central to delivering this vision. These include being:

  • committed to the pursuit of good outcomes for workplace savers
  • bold and impartial in our decision-making
  • alert and responsive to emerging risks and opportunities
  • supportive of our people
  • united as one team

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