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Take a look at how a secondment is funded, how long it might last, how we support secondees and learn more about our flexible working arrangements.

How long a secondment lasts

There are no hard and fast rules about how long a secondment at The Pensions Regulator (TPR) lasts. Secondments are usually for six to twelve months, but can be for three to twenty four months.

Types of secondment

Traditionally, we've enjoyed hosting lawyers, actuaries, business consultants and financial analysts as secondees. But now, we're keen to attract a wider range of people for secondment opportunities across all areas of our business.


Depending on the type of secondment, the funding for your secondment may be either:

  • fully reimbursed by TPR
  • partially reimbursed by TPR with the balance being funded by the parent organisation
  • fully funded by the parent organisation

We will fund reasonable travel and expenses payments while you're carrying out business for TPR.

How we support secondees

As an employer, we're flexible and willing to listen to your ideas about your secondment. We're more than happy to create a customised package to suit an individual secondment. You could be placed in one position for the duration of your secondment, or a number of positions around the organisation, to give you different perspectives of pensions regulation. In terms of support we will:

  • provide induction and technical training as necessary for you to undertake your role
  • provide ongoing guidance, support and appropriate development training
  • regularly review your performance and progress against objectives
  • liaise with your parent organisation as necessary to keep in touch and ensure the secondment agreement is honoured
  • contact your parent organisation if any problems arise with the secondment arrangements

Flexible working arrangements

We offer a modern working environment with a focus on high performance and the delivery of worthwhile results. We're happy to consider any of the following working structures:

  • short or long-term
  • part-time or flexible working
  • job sharing
  • job swaps

Terms and conditions

Individuals on secondments with TPR retain their parent organisation’s terms and conditions. However, we do ask that all secondees sign a confidentiality, compliance and conflict statement, and a code of conduct.

As we're keen attract high calibre secondees we may ask you to undertake an interview and a short assessment test.

Apply for a secondment

How to apply for a secondment at The Pensions Regulator.