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How a secondment can help you

A secondment at The Pensions Regulator (TPR) will provide you with an opportunity to:

  • work in a constantly changing environment and gain new skills
  • create a network of lasting relationships
  • add an extra dimension to your CV
  • gain a wider outlook, eg different industry sectors, different size companies
  • apply your skills, knowledge and experience in a different setting
  • shape how we do things
  • understand what we do and our impact on companies and markets

How a secondment can help your employer

Your secondment at TPR could help your current employer with:

  • flexible resourcing of skilled and experienced people
  • facilitating the creation of multi-skilled teams to manage relationships with key stakeholders
  • reinforcing collaborative working practices
  • understanding the broader challenges for us in commercial markets
  • opening up communication channels and links with the wider community

What secondees say about TPR

Our secondment programme has been running successfully since 2005. You can read first hand accounts of the experience from people who have worked with us recently in our testimonials document.

Apply for a secondment

How to apply for a secondment at The Pensions Regulator.